Who we are

No Borders is a dynamic uniform company in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Engaged in provision of top quality apparels, textile, leather and clothing.

We are specialized in OEM services and offer our customers innovative and creative range of products without any limitations as to design and customizations.

As a uniform company we believe in Total Quality Management, therefore our mostly materials are organically sourced right from their origin, our highly skilled labor force then translated the conceptual ideas of customers into reality rendering the best possible outcome.

We achieve customer satisfaction with our innovative and modern technology incorporated with experts’ knowledge and most importantly the right mindset without any compromise on Health, Safety and Environment. That’s why NO-BORDERS is the priority of any buyer.


To raise the UAE & Gulf country clothing standards by having more organic, less chemical and synthetic materials and introducing recycling to provide better organic fabric rates.


To cooperate with government, private sectors and individuals to share our message and provide the best clean and earth friendly biodegradable product.

CEO's Words

    ‘’We believe in provision of clothing that will raise UAE & GCC standards and make them compete internationally. A strong economy depends on the wellbeing of manpower whether they are workers, employees or students. We assure our buyers the highest standards of the smallest details that will make a difference in any persons’ efficiency.’’

    ’’A great society starts with a small family where a father will always want a better life for his children and it grows to a society that cares about a cleaner earth for the new generations.’’